Carey Mulligan’s Oscar Chances

September 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Before Never Let Me Go premiered stateside at Telluride, most prognosticators thought that film’s best chances for an acting nomination were with Keira Knightley‘s supporting turn.  But once reviews started hitting the web it became clear that Mulligan was the true star of the show.  Peter Sciretta of /Film says that she deserves a second nomination, with David Poland going as far as to call her a “lock” for Best Actress; even those who found the film disappointing (like Kris Tapley) applauded Mulligan’s performance.

I still think Knightley has a better shot at a nomination (Supporting Actress is really weak this year, while Actress is one of the strongest categories of all of them), and Mulligan’s performance has been described as “inward” and largely without dialogue (and we all know Oscar favors histrionics over subtlety).  As for the film itself, reactions have been positive to mixed with some calling it a masterpiece and others saying it left them cold.  So while it’s Best Picture chances might have lessened, I’m still keeping it in the top 10 especially since UK reviewers have loved the film and there’s a large block of British voters in the Academy (hence the recent nods for Atonement and An Education).


New “Never Let Me Go” Clip

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While it’s hard to accurately judge a film based on such a short clip (which you can view at Awards Daily, since I’m having embedding issues), Rachel Portman’s moody score sounds great and one could easily envision this as Knightley’s “Oscar Clip”.

And with the film’s release only weeks away, a few reviews have begun to trickle onto the web.  Early word from the UK has been overwhelmingly positive, with The Daily Mail calling it “the most haunting film about love and death [they’ve] ever seen” and The Telegraph hailing it as “British film at its very best”.  If critical reaction stateside is this rapturous, it will be interesting to see what film Fox Searchlight decides to promote most (since 127 Hours and Black Swan, both Searchlight films, are looking good for Oscar contention)

New “Never Let Me Go” Posters

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This is definitely one of my most anticipated films of the fall, and so far the marketing team has only been increasing said anticipation with their beautiful one-sheet and intriguing trailer.  And now these equally wonderful character posters of Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, and Andrew Garfield have hit the net.



“127 Hours” Tapped to Close London Film Festival

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James Franco in "127 Hours"

We’ve known for awhile now that Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go would be opening the London Film Festival, which runs from October 13 – 28.  Today we learned that 127 Hours, the true-life story of climber Aron Ralston directed by Oscar-winner Danny Boyle, was chosen to close the festival. This will be the European premiere for both films, though they are slated to have their world premieres at the Toronto Film Festival a few weeks prior.  127 Hours will show up in theaters stateside on October 5, while Never Let Me Go will be released on September 15.

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