Critics Round-Up: Friday, August 13, 2010

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Eat, Pray, Love (RottenTomatoes: 38%, Metacritic: 51).  Based on these middling reviews, awards prospects seem limited to a Golden Globe nomination for Julia Roberts at best.

The Expendables (RottenTomatoes: 43%, Metacritic: 46).  I would be seriously surprised if this was nominated for anything outside of MTV Movie Awards.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (RottenTomatoes: 80%, Metacritic: 69).  Should be a minor hit, but awards prospects are slim regardless.  Maybe some tech noms (Visual Effects, Make-up)


Animal Kingdom (RottenTomatoes: 94%, Metacritic:  82).  It will probably be too small of a film to gain any serious awards traction, but with reviews like this you never know.

Tales from Earthsea (RottenTomatoes: 41%, Metacritic: 39).  The latest from Studio Ghibli (famed for films like Princess Mononoke and the Oscar-nominated Spirited Away) have a rare clunker on their hands.  They’ll have to try again if they want another film to get nom’d in the Animated Film category.


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