Venice Updates: “Somewhere”, “Miral”

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Though the Lido is still abuzz with festival opener Black Swan, several more major awards contenders finally premiered for critics.  Compared to Darren Aronosfky’s film, reaction has been more muted for Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere and Julian Schnabel’s Miral.  Somewhere has gotten mixed to positive reviews, though many have doubts about it’s Oscar chances outside of the acting categories.  As for Miral, the consensus has been decidedly more average, with many critics dismissing the film entirely.  It’s even gotten the dreaded label of “dull”.  So while such a reaction doesn’t necessarily knock it out of the awards race entirely (most do agree that Hiam Abbas does some stellar work), it definitely puts it’s Best Picture potential down a peg or two.

Slash Film has a nice summary of critical reaction to Somewhere.


Critics Round-Up: Friday, August 13, 2010

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Eat, Pray, Love (RottenTomatoes: 38%, Metacritic: 51).  Based on these middling reviews, awards prospects seem limited to a Golden Globe nomination for Julia Roberts at best.

The Expendables (RottenTomatoes: 43%, Metacritic: 46).  I would be seriously surprised if this was nominated for anything outside of MTV Movie Awards.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (RottenTomatoes: 80%, Metacritic: 69).  Should be a minor hit, but awards prospects are slim regardless.  Maybe some tech noms (Visual Effects, Make-up)


Animal Kingdom (RottenTomatoes: 94%, Metacritic:  82).  It will probably be too small of a film to gain any serious awards traction, but with reviews like this you never know.

Tales from Earthsea (RottenTomatoes: 41%, Metacritic: 39).  The latest from Studio Ghibli (famed for films like Princess Mononoke and the Oscar-nominated Spirited Away) have a rare clunker on their hands.  They’ll have to try again if they want another film to get nom’d in the Animated Film category.

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