Trailer Park: “Love and Other Drugs”

August 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

This Edward Zwick film has been touted by bloggers and industry insiders alike as one of the awards season heavy-hitters, though the trailer presents it as a pretty straightforward (if enjoyable and well-made) romcom.  That doesn’t entirely discount it from being an Oscar contender but it definitely gives me second-thoughts about it’s overall potential.  As Awards Daily pointed out, the trailer has divided media outlets on this subject: Hollywood Elsewhere called Hathaway a “guaranteed lock” for Best Actress (with a 60% chance of a win) while Vulture dismissed the film’s Oscar chances entirely.  It looks like we’re just gonna have to wait until the first legit reviews start rolling in before we know for sure.

The film hits U.S. theaters on November 24.


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