Critics Round-Up: Friday, August 20

August 20, 2010 § Leave a comment


Lottery Ticket (RottenTomatoes: 29%, Metacritic: 53).  The film stars a number of well-known rappers like Bow Wow, Ice Cube and T-Pain.  It’s been marketed pretty heavily, so don’t be surprised if it grosses higher than expected (regardless of reviews).

Nanny McPhee Returns (RottenTomatoes: 76%, Metacritic: 52).  This sequel to 2005’s Nanny McPhee has already been a hit overseas (where it raked in $63mil), though it won’t make that much stateside.  Emma Thompson as a longshot for the Golden Globes? I would seriously doubt it, but stranger things have happened…

Piranha 3-D (RottenTomatoes: 82%, Metacritic: 61).  Well color me surprised.  This Elisabeth Shue-starring gross-out horror flick is the best reviewed film of the week.  Might it also top the box office? (Nah. The Expendables will still likely reign supreme)

The Switch (RottenTomatoes: 52%, Metacritic: 54).  Jennifer Aniston stars in another romcom with Jason Bateman… Why?!? You need to be focusing on that Arrested Development movie, not this.

Vampires Suck (RottenTomatoes: 6%, Metacritic: 20).  The reviews for this one aren’t surprising at all.  It’s from the makers of Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie after all. The sad thing? This is one of their better reviewed movies. Yikes.


Army of Crime (RottenTomatoes:  88%, Metacritic: 73).  This French WWII thriller is getting some solid reviews.  Don’t be surprised if it shows up as France’s Oscar submission (the Academy are suckers for Nazi-resistance films).

A Film Unfinished (RottenTomatoes: 90%, Metacritic: 88).  This was the documentary that got a lot of press a few weeks back based on the hard R rating the MPAA slapped on it (the filmmakers appealed to no avail).  Being a Holocaust film makes it an automatic contender for the Oscars, especially with reviews like this.

Mao’s Last Dancer (RottenTomatoes: 59%, Metacritic: 56).  It’s a true story, it’s a period piece, and it is directed by Bruce Beresford (Oscar-nominated director of Tender Mercies and Driving Miss Daisy).  So why isn’t on anyone’s Oscar radar? Well I’d say the middling reviews answers that question.

The Pat Tillman Story (RottenTomatoes: 85%, Metacritic: N/A).  This doc on football star-turned-war symbol also made the news over it’s R-rating from the MPAA.  AMPAS loves it’s biopics whether fiction or non, so keep this one on your Documentary shortlist.


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