Black Swan Teaser Art

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December 3 can not come fast enough. Srsly.

3 more stunners after the jump:

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In-Depth: Best Supporting Actress

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Kris Tapley has a pretty great article up on this year’s still wide-open Supporting Actress field over at InContention..  Seriously, it’s anyone’s game at this point.  I just updated my own predictions for this category (as well as Supporting Actor), and I’ve got three veteran character actors (Miranda Richardson, Helena Bonham-Carter, and Dianne Wiest), a fresh face (Hailee Steinfeld), and a relative unknown (Jacki Weaver) as my top 5.  And I’m not particularly sure about any of ’em.  Still, it’s only October.  In all likelihood this category will start making more sense come December.

Trailer Park: “The Way Back”

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Just a few days after we received confirmation that Peter Weir‘s The Way Back would receive a one-week Oscar-qualifying run at the end of December, this epic trailer hits the web.  And I do mean epic.  Studios and directors aren’t really making films like this anymore, these cross-continental historical dramas/tales of survival, which is a shame.  When done right they can be thrilling, breathtaking cinema.

The cast looks stellar (I can easily see awards traction for Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, and maybe Saoirse Ronan), and it’s obviously gonna show up in at least a few tech categories.  I’m worried that it’s already shaping up to be such a crowded race that it’s late entrance will handicap it severely…

“The Social Network” Review

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It’s only been in theaters for a weekend, but David Fincher’s “Facebook Film” has already been saddled with the impossibly lofty adjective of “generation-defining”.  While I’m not so sure that a movie about the success story of the world’s youngest billionaire is relatable enough to be considered generation-defining in the way that, say, The Breakfast Club was, that doesn’t make The Social Network any less of a brilliant piece of filmmaking.  And it truly is brilliant, possibly one of the year’s very best films; Aaron Sorkin’s crackling script delivers some of the best and most instantly-quotable lines of dialogue of any film released in the past decade (“every creation myth needs a devil”), and the young cast is uniformly stellar.  Jesse Eisenberg finally carries a major league film, and absolutely kills.  His Mark Zuckerberg is perfectly cold, socially awkward, and ambitious, but still strangely magnetic.  You can’t take your eyes off of him, which any actor lesser than Eisenberg wouldn’t have been able to pull off.  Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake are also top-notch here (and likely on their way to Oscar nominations, along with Eisenberg), as are Armie Hammer, Rooney Mara, and Brenda Song, finally breaking away from Disney Channel in spectacular fashion.

The film does raise a lot of timely questions about the role of technology, the concept of intellectual theft, and privacy in our increasingly digitalized world (due in no small part to Zuckerberg’s work), though at it’s heart it’s really a story about friendship, ambition, and the need to be liked/loved/included.  Now who can’t relate to that?  A

Trailer Park: “True Grit”

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I haven’t been all that excited for the new Coen Bros. film, but the trailer is definitely top-notch and places newcomer Hailee Steinfield front-and-center (I smell a supporting actress nominee!).  A lot of pundits have been predicting this for Best Picture, but I’m still a bit wary… Westerns have not been doing well, at least financially, in awhile and the fact that it’s a remake of an Academy Award-winning John Wayne film doesn’t help. Still, it is the Coen Bros…

New “For Colored Girls” Poster

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Even if the movie fails to live up to the hype (as in is a typical Tyler Perry film), it will always have this gorgeous poster. Seriously, this is brilliant.

Prediction Updates (Director, Actor, Actress)

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My post Toronto/Venice/Telluride prediction updates for Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress are all up and finalized now.  Check em out and lemme know if you agree/disagree/think I’m crazy